List: Restaurants to Try

Here is a list of restaurants that we want to try these days. (Places we have tried are listed and rated in our Restaurant Guide.) Please leave your suggestions in the comments!

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The Bay Area, California
  • 7 / Seven Restaurant and Lounge, San Jose
    Recommended by Christina M.
  • Ad Hoc, Yountville
    New from Thomas Kellar - I have to go.
  • Albona Ristorante Istriano
    Recommended by Chuck
  • Bar Crudo
    Chuck has been telling me to go for ages
  • Barndiva, Healdsburg
    Recommended in by Nan Wiener in 6/06 San Francisco Magazine
  • Bi-Rite Creamery
    Chuck recommended this over dinner a few weeks ago, and in a comment on this page. I did walk in while waiting for my table at Pizzeria Delfina and was duly tempted. Steve J. raved about the salted caramel gelato and the ice cream sandwich picked up at Bi-Rite Market definitely made me eager for a proper visit.
  • Canteen - We have been for brunch, but still need to try dinner.
  • Cav
  • Coco500
    We had miserable service at our dinner for 2 in March '06, but have heard we need to try it again, so putting it back on the list.
  • Coi
  • Cyrus
    Doug and the press say it's great, Chuck says not so much. Need to see for ourselves one of these days.
  • Farina
    Patrick gives it 2 thumbs up
  • The Front Porch
    Tip from Claw
  • Green Chile Kitchen
  • Little Star Pizza
    Owen says it is some of the best pizza in the City
  • Lure, Burlingame
  • Perbacco
  • Pisces, Burlingame
  • Redd, Yountville
    Pleasant brunch on the patio (5/06). Keeping on the list to try for dinner.
  • Sebo
    Another tip from Chuck
  • Sketch
  • Velvet Cantina
    Recommended by o_en: "Mexican fusion? Not fancy, though fancy for Mexican food. Sorta hipster..."

The Los Angeles Area, California
  • Bin 8945
    Lizzie and John from OA's restaurant, opened 6/15/06, and it sounds fantastic!
  • Osteria la Buca
    Recommended by Eileen

Boulder, Colorado
  • Seven Eurobar
    On Food and Wine's August list of places they're making reservations

Boston, Massachusetts

Naples, Florida

New York, New York


  • L'Arpege
  • Clos des Gourmets (7th)
    Recommended by FrancesB: "'s fairly close to the Eiffel tour. I think it is beautiful, the food is lovely and it is neighborhoody rather than touristy... It's delicious! And so pretty too!"
  • Michel Bras
    Chuck thinks this is my place

  • Da Alceste al Buon Gusto (Rome)
    Gourmet Magazine, 2/06, p.42 - get the assaggini di Alceste.
  • Gambero Rosso (San Vicenzo, Tuscany)
    "Could Gambero Rosso be the best restaurant in Italy?" by Colman Andrews in Gourmet, 1/07, certainly makes me think it's worth trying
  • L'Orso 80 (Rome)
    Gauri K.: "Past Piazza Navonna / near the river on Via dell' Orso, 33 (and maybe 80, too). Tel. 06 686 49 04. The owners know us by face and with my broken Italian - they know I am from SF....try it out. Their antipasti is THE best in the world!"
  • Corrado Costanzo (Noto, Sicily)
    From The Observer's "Top 50 Things Every Foodie Should Do" (5/15/05): "...The ices at Corrado Costanzo in Noto, Sicily, are arguably the best you can find anywhere in the world. Mandarin, made with Sicilian oranges, is probably the most in-demand flavour at this ice-cream and pastry shop but try also mulberry and the jasmin sorbet that's made with flowers picked in the evening when they are at their most fragrant...
    Corrado Costanzo, Via Spaventa 7, Noto, Sicily (00 39 931 835 243)

  • Etxebarri (San Sebastian)Another of Chuck's discoveries
  • Hispania (Arenys de Mar, about 40 minutes outside Barcelona)