All about Bob

Meet Bob.

Bob is a handsome, 2 year old black Labrador retriever. He weighs about 60 pounds. He has a white diamond on his chest and a few white hairs on his toes.Bob was just rescued from the animal shelter in Merced, where he was picked up as a stray. It is much too hot outside there for black dogs so they are not so easily adopted. We are fostering him for Safe Haven Animal Sanctuary until we find him a good home. Bob is happy. He wags his tail constantly. He likes to kiss, rest his head on your knee, or climb into your lap.Bob is eager to please. He learned “Sit” in one day. He follows us around, comes when called or looked at. He is quickly getting the hang of walking on a leash and playing with toys. He does not bark or chew when left alone. He shows moderate interest in other dogs on his walks.Bob is a wonderful dog. We cannot understand why he wasn’t trained or claimed, but he couldn’t be happier now. If we weren't away so much, we would keep him. He will be a wonderful addition to any loving, active family. We will be very sad to see him go.