Mood or shuffle?

After a few months of being a relatively happy user, I started reading some reviews and profiles of a new radio service called Pandora. Pandora, like provides you with your own personalized radio station. Unlike, it bases the music similarity on profiles of individual songs characteristics, input by musicians who actually listen to the music toiling away for YEARS to generate their 300,000 song library. An interesting concept to say the least! About 24 hours after submitting my email address on their site, I received an invitation. Mostly, I'm enjoying listening to it - I definitely am hearing some music that I've never heard of before. I've been a little surprised by some of it's choices (I fed it Butterfly Boucher, the next song it plays is Hillary Duff), but that probably says more about what I claim to like than it's particular matching process. I don't know about you, but I mostly listen to music on shuffle all. I like hearing the mix of David Bowie, Nine Inch Nails, and Bonnie Raitt. Frankly, I just like a bunch of different popular music. My sister on the other hand says she always listens to albums through, and often esoteric ones at that. I can't remember the last time I did that. Pandora seems to be a little more focused on people who have a particular "mood" or genre that they want to listen to at any given time. It's doing an interesting job of matching music and providing a cohesive playlist, but I just get bored listening to such similar music. Where's that really really strange mix of Alice in Chains followed by Tom Waits and even god-forbid Linkin Park? Last.FM, especially the new player which lets you go into "discovery mode" and only play new music may actually be more up my alley.