The Wine Geek in All of Us

It's a familiar problem to all of us: your cellar is full of thousands of bottles, all properly stored and cared for. But at some point, it gets hard to remember if that was a '82 or '86 Lafite that you had a case of tucked away, or just how many cases of '01 Screaming Eagle you got as part of the latest auction. But perhaps the greatest problem we all face is: just how long do you lay down your Charles Shaw?I finally came across a website that helps with all these issues, and more! CellarTracker! is an amazing webtool for tracking your cellar, whether it has 1,601 bottles or 44. Sadly, mine is the 44, not the 1,601. But even with just 44 wines (64 bottles), I still forget what I have, where it is, and when it's ready to drink. After spending a few minutes per wine on data entry (time varies vastly depending on whether it has already been entered by another user--more expensive wines are more often already listed, while my more amateur collection includes quite a few entered by me) you have at hand an amazing database with all the power of fancy computers behind it. You can enter tasting notes, reviews, comments, pending purchases, and storage location, as well as drinking windows, professional reviews, and purchase price. The best thing about CellarTracker! is how it shares all this data. When I enter a tasting note and review, both are immediately shared with the community (at my discretion). I can see how others have rated my wines and when they think it should be drunk. Combine this info with a fancy little "Drinkability Report" and you'll never have to worry about your $16,000 DRC turning to vinegar again.