A Wrinkle-Free Year

Anyone who's been concerned about signs of aging in the last few years has probably heard of Strivectin-SD, the "miracle" wrinkle and stretch mark cream marketed as possibly "better than botox." I have actually had a tube sitting in my bathroom for about a year. I had no idea what it was when I received it as a gift--what exactly is a present like that supposed to say?--and used it on my face diligently for a few weeks. I have to admit that I did actually notice a difference, though I'm still young enough or vain enough that I'd like to believe it's not yet a necessity. However, if you're hooked, or want to try it, a "fix" has just gotten a lot less painful for your wallet: though a 6oz tube still retails for $135, Costco is now selling two-packs--enough for facial use for twelve months--for $67. With younger skin at such a steep discount, perhaps it's time I started banking some wrinkle-free years.