Update on Kirk, now (Black) Angus

For anyone interested in the next chapter of Kirk's story, here's the good (would it be too sappy to call it heart-warming?) initial report from his new family:

… We had a great first night. Kirk and Spy continue to get along and Kirk got to meet our neighbor’s dog, Sadie. Sadie is an older golden retriever but still spunky and she and Kirk got along fine! Kirk slept in our room in a large crate that we used for Spy when we first got him. He didn’t paw at the crate door or whine and was still asleep when I left for work. He was even snoring a bit last night. I think he’s going to work out great. I revisited our dog training book on the way to work and am looking forward to working with him.Our son, Damian, has really taken to Kirk and spent a lot of time petting him last night, which he didn’t do much with Spy when we first got him. I think they have a special bond …… We’ve named him Angus. He and Spy were licking each other’s faces this morning. Too cute!