Maps are Cooler than Ever

I usually leave the tech commentary at All In to Oren, but having played with the new Yahoo! Maps over the last few months and seeing the leaps and bounds forward in the new public beta (which I happen to think trounces the competition), I felt the need to share this news with all of you. It's easy to miss the link to the Maps Beta on Yahoo!, but follow it here or seek it out. It's worth it. There are sure to be tons of awesome mash-ups to come (like this Local Events Browser) and how fantastic is it to finally be able to do multi-point driving directions?! Drag and drop and integrated Local Search are pretty nifty too. I mapped out where I'm headed this weekend--point D was the site of the best meal I've ever had--but mailing and copying links doesn't seem to be working for me. Hopefully that will be fixed soon.