Los Cabos, Where the Sun Always Shines

I have read that it's sunny in Los Cabos all but fifteen days a year. Seeing the brown hills, cacti, and abundance of restaurants that have no option but to close down completely in bad weather, the forecast of a week with highs in the eighties is far from surprising, but reassuring nonetheless. We're here with Oren's family for Thanksgiving. It's a surprisingly easy getaway to another world via a two and a half hour flight from San Francisco. We're staying at the Sheraton on the beach on the corridor between the frenetic tourist haven of Cabo San Lucas and the calmer, more Mexican San Jose del Cabo. It's not only a phenomenally good deal (read, free, thanks to Oren's travel-savvy mother and a particularly nice deal Starwood offers at some hotels: 5 nights and 50,000 airline miles for 70,000 Starwood points), but it's also a place where I would be reasonably happy paying for a room, at least so far. More to come on the place later in the week. It seems that Cabo may be almost as good a place for food-lovers as it is for sun-worshipers. We are here armed not only with a handful of mostly glowing articles from the likes of The New York Times and Wine Spectator, but also a skinny and enthusiastic guidebook to good eating in Los Cabos. With a week of relaxation, beautiful blue water, perfect weather, good meals, and cold beer ahead, there's little more we can think to ask.