Tuxedos Point the Way

As I said, my head is still in Japan, even though my body is now in Mexico. One of the things I keep coming back to is the sight of young men standing on the corners in many of the more popular night-life areas of Tokyo (Ginza, Shibuya) dressed in full tuxedos. Just standing there on the corners, looking dapper, but also bored. As you may or may not be aware, the street system in Tokyo is… odd. A combination of names and numbers (2-10-1 Yurakucjo, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo), all that info doesn’t actually tell you exactly where to go, it just gets you to the general vicinity. The likely apocryphal tale I’ve heard is that fax adoption was quickest in Tokyo simply because they needed to send each other maps to figure out where to go. I’ve also heard that directions used to just point to an intersection, from which you could call your destination for further directions. Which brings me back to our bored tuxedo’s men (I think). After seeing these guys all over, and having NO idea what was going on, I think I figured it out while staring out the window of a Korean BBQ in Ginza one evening. I noticed a fine tuxedod gentlemen leading a party of 6 or so well dressed people. He led them into a building, running out at top speed back to his corner 30 seconds later. It appears that now, instead of calling when you get to a particular intersection, you look for your friendly Tuxedo to point you on to your final destination. Certainly effective, but the ordered side of me would prefer to just have some street numbers.