Taco Convert

As a non-meat-eater, I never really saw the point of tacos. Now I’ve seen the light: it’s delicious ingredients plus interesting fixings that make tacos so good! At Gardenias, each shady table is laden with nine topping options, including various salsas, guacamole, limes, and chilies. The fish and shrimp tacos, both fried in a remarkably light, fresh way, were both fantastic. BBQ pork, BBQ beef, and chicken were all excellent as well. We even tried cactus, which came in a heaping pile of what tasted a little like green beans. Apparently cactus is good for you, but I would rather have had another fish taco. Quesadillas were heavy on the cheese and not as exciting as the one I had at Habanero but still delicious.Each taco is presented within a few minutes (service is fast) as a pile of the requested primary ingredient on a steaming hot corn tortilla. Pile on your toppings of choice and you have one of the most gratifying fast meals around. I recommend ordering two to start since you can get more so quickly. It turns out they’ll also pack up all the fixings to go for those who can’t stand even a few short minutes away from the beach.Go to Gardenias early in any trip to Los Cabos because you may just want to go back. Daily. We did, and would have even more had there not been so many great places to try. If only I could find a place like this in the Bay Area.Tacos are all 15 or 20 pesos, or about $1.45 or $1.90, each. Beers are 25 pesos.On our two visits, it was neither empty nor crowded. You could as easily take your time here and sip on a cold beer as down your tacos and be back on the beach in a flash. It's nothing fancy, but it's clean and cool with plenty of tables. Attire: bathing suit and cover-up or whatever you happen to have on.GardeniasPaseo de la Marina. On the way out of Cabo, take a right (towards the beach) at the McDonald’s. It’s down a block on the right, across from the fruit stand.Open 8am-10pm Monday through Saturday and 8am-5pm on Sunday.Cash only.