Havana on the Pacific isn't the Same

The most Cuban things about Havana are the name, The Buena Vista Social Club playing after the jazz stopped, and the Mojitos on the menu. The closest the actual menu got to “Cuban influenced” was a special called Voodoo Chicken, which seemed more Cajun-American than anything but tasted good nonetheless. The rest of the menu consisted of things like Steak and Onion quesadillas (also tasty), stuffed pork chops with spinach and gnocchi, and two pasta dishes. As long as you steer clear of foods that seem out of place here (pasta) the entrees were all surprisingly good. Just don’t go expecting traditional dishes like black beans and fried plantains. Although The Los Cabos Guide to Good Eating raved about the bread pudding (perhaps the main reason we went--we’re suckers for good bread pudding), it was no longer on the menu and the two remaining desserts, apple streudel and crème brulee, were hugely disappointing.The restaurant is a few kilometers outside of San Jose del Cabo, right on the mountain side of the coastal highway. It’s not the most charming setting we experienced, though the majority of the restaurant is open but covered, with lighting that lends it a little more charm than the small open patio where we sat. We were just far enough though to be ale to talk easily over the pleasant jazz band that performs Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday nights. The singer looked eerily like a former boss and was not at all who I expected to see holding the mike.There are a lot of good dining options in Los Cabos and Havana offers a nice meal. Oren would happily go back. Though I could be persuaded, I would opt for something a little more exciting, given the choice.Appropriate attire: jeans and a t-shirt. It gets chilly at night, so bring a sweater.HavanaKilometer 29 of the San Jose-Cabo San Lucas corridor, mountain side, across from the Mykonos condos.142.2603Open 8am-midnight daily.No credit cards.