How to Make Ginger + Pears Even Better


I love gingerbread. Especially when it's really spicy and moist.I also love roasted, glazed, poached, or carmelized pears.I have tried to combine these two passions before, usually by layering slices of lightly caremlized roasted pears over my in-demand gingerbread. It tastes really good and is actually quite pretty, though the translucency of the cooked pears leaves a little to be desired in terms of visual contrast and the layering could look more cohesive. I think this Seattlest post on the Macrina cookbook and this ginger pear cake recipe describes an even better way to do it. (How can you resist Molly's lovely picture? There's another great one in the article.) I must make this cake.Edited to add a new discovery: Although it doesn't have pears, it seems to be the season for gingerbread in the blogosphere, so I guess I'll just have to put this fantastic-sounding Black Sticky Gingerbread on my To Bake list as well.