The Good Kind of Tourist Trap

Just a few blocks from the eternal frat party strip of Cabo San Lucas' marina sits a small-looking cobalt blue building-front that belies the scale and energy of the restaurant behind the wall. The family that runs the bustling Mi Casa has the "su casa" vibe down pat. With fans hanging from the thatched palappa whipping up a gentle breeze, the restaurant is comfortable enough to feel like your own Mexican living room, albeit with a whole lot of equally white, happy strangers enjoying the traditional fare at nearby tables. Mi Casa came highly recommended by just about everyone, including our free Cabo map and seemingly every travel guide on the internet. This sort of widespread celebrity in a tourist destination always leaves me wary that the place will be a tourist trap. That, in my mind, is a very dirty label that implies that quality doesn't matter because most guests will be going home within days. We only ventured to even try Mi Casa after finding that our planned dinner venue had closed down, but we were happy to discover that it is one of the rare restaurants that hasn't grown too comfortable with its own success. I'm all for "tourist trap" meaning great traditional food in a fun setting that you don't have be in the know to discover.The menu includes classics like enchiladas and an excellent chicken mole (though I preferred the slightly mellower and more complex variant at Felix's), as well as some fantastic local fish specialties: we tried the two highest recommended of the four preparations (a traditional cilantro sauce and a chili-rub) and were blown away by the tender succulence of the whole roasted halibuts. Portions here are not for the faint of heart. You could almost swim in the margaritas and even my bottomless pit of a stomach and guilt over wasting fish couldn't help me clear my plate or make room for dessert. Appropriate Attire: Very casual, but you will need a shirt and shoes.Mi CasaCalle Cabo San Lucas at Madero, Cabo San Lucas, Baja Sur, Mexico624.143.1933. Reservations recommended.Open daily from 5:30-1opm.Accepts Visa, American Express, and MasterCard.