The Best Laid Plans

I haven't been feeling great and have had about all the tea and soup I can I take, so I decided to make some quick and easy comfort food since Oren won't be back from visiting his sister in Boston until late tonight. I had an organic eggplant and some Maui onions in the fridge, as well as as assortment of pastas, a new jar of a new-to-me Italian marinara, and a nice bottle of Barbaresco already open. I started sauteing the diced eggplant with the onions, herbs, and some garlic, thew some capellini in the pot, and went to open the jar of sauce. No luck. Ran it under steaming hot water. The lid still wouldn't budge. Knocked it on the counter a few times, ran it under more hot water, wrapped a towel around it, still no luck. I'm no weakling and have never been bested by a jar before. Five minutes later, with the pasta draining in sink the the eggplant falling apart tender, I finally thew in a can of diced organic tomatoes and some more spices. Not exactly what I was hoping for, but still pretty tasty. The jar is still sitting there, laughing at me. It's nice having someone to hand these sorts of challenges off to. Maybe it's time I buy a jar opener.