Food Pushers

We always sort of expected that when we got a dog, it would be some type of retriever and that, as with most labs and goldens, it would love food. It would have been appropriate. Well, we finally have a dog. It started as an impulse foster relationship:

Sharon from Merced County Animal Shelter: Did you by chance see our two newfie mixes?Me: Ooh, newfies? Are they sweet and fuzzy?Sharon: So sweet. And they're your kind of dog -- I bet you'd really like them.Me: Hmmm, tempting. Sharon: I have someone driving out your way today...Me: I bet we could find him a home...

Well, we did. Ours. We spent a good ten days thinking we would find him a better home than ours, but by the time the inquiries started pouring in, we couldn't give him up.He's a perfect gentleman, and completely devoted. He was so happy and doing really well. And then we had to get him neutered. It's an especially tough surgery on adult dogs. And, as a dog who wasn't all that into food to begin with, his loss of appetite over the last few days has been especially hard on us.Oren declared himself a Jewish Mother as he kneeled in the kitchen trying to interest Indy in anything, anything at all. He may not have our appetite, but he does have our picky taste: he likes ice cubes best when we hold them for him; he prefers his food freshly stirred a few times during his meal, and he doesn't mind having it fed to him on a spoon. This sort of behavior makes us wonder, of course, whether we're crazy, and how this bodes for any children we may have. We're not entirely comfortable with the role of food pushers -- I loved everything (except salad) as a kid -- and I'm somewhat opposed to taking that stance with children, at least once they're old enough to communicate. I'm not entirely convinced that Indy will do what's best for him (hey, he still has to wear one of those silly collars when he's home alone until the stitches come out), but I'm also starting to think that we may just have something to learn from his appreciative but reserved approach to food.