Light/Heavy Dining at Sauce

We recently joined a friend for dinner at Sauce. The restaurant can be summed up by our waitresses' answer to how she stays so skinny eating there: she asks the kitchen to make her salads.The staff was friendly (note the honest answer to our pointed question), the dining room alternately freezing and boiling, and the food unbelievably rich and over-generously portioned. Sauce has capitalized on the comfort food trend, but in my mind not as successfully as places like Blue Plate. Although the tomato bisque had an unusually strong carrot flavor, the ooey gooey focaccia grilled cheese wedges that came with it for dipping made this the night's best dish.We didn't come close to trying everything on the menu--in fact, it was the heaviest light meal I can remember--but the dishes we got were all recommended by our dinner companion (a near-regular) and our waitress. Some flavors were a little off, others more addictive. Portions were large, rich, and needed to be shared; we only got a few plates and shared them all, but still left feeling as though we needed to be rolled home. I can only eat that way every so often, and Sauce won't be displacing any of my regular comfort food favorites.Attire: Stylish casual; our dinner companion was perfectly dressed for the atmosphere in jeans, a camisole, and velvet blazer.Sauce415.252.1369131 Gough Street, San Francisco, CAReservations on OpenTable.Street parking is reasonably easy.