Vin d'Orange: The Beginning

Vin d'Orange is drunk all over France as an aperitif and light after-dinner drink. Mme Durandeau's recipe is posted in her own handwriting by her daughter-in-law, Lucy, on eGullet. Many thanks to them both, as well as to the Opinionated About community for their tips on making this recipe. Mamy Durandeau's recipe for Vin d'Orange1 kilo bitter oranges, non-treated - I used tart, juicy tangerines from a tree in my yard1/2 litre eau de vie nature - Vodka was reported to work just as well. I used Smirnoff, for its affordable, blind-tasting-winning clean flavor750 g. sugar2 litres of white or rosé wine - I used a Provencal rosé1 vanilla bean and 1 cinnamon stick1. Grind the oranges with the eau de vie, peel and all. (I recommend starting with only half the vodka in the blender/CuisinArt, lest it overflow during blending.)2. Add the sugar, wine, and vanilla & cinnamon and bottle in a ceramic or glass container.3. Filter all at the end of 1 month. (A good tip on OA was to let the wine filter entirely by gravity -- forcing it through will lead to a cloudy finished product. Thanks, Mangeur!) Bottle and serve liberally.My two jars are now resting in the basement and will be ready for filtering in mid-May. I'll report back with tasting notes when it's ready. I can hardly wait!