My Uber-Local Food is Coming to Get Me

My new vegetable garden -- that genteel little plot in back with the nice red paths that was so recently just dirt -- has exploded with edibles. With the exception of the sugar snaps, of which there are barely enough, and the tomatoes, which aren't yet bearing fruit, it's a bit out of control. I may be on the verge of actually turning green with all the salad I've been eating, daily, from the biggest mixing bowl I own. People at work are starting to ask what's with the lettuce. I can't give this delicious organic salad mix away fast enough. Of course I want it to go to a good home, where it will be appreciated, but soon it will be going to anyone who will take it or, worse yet, to waste. If you know me, and I haven't yet tried to push greens on you, and you want some, please ask! Otherwise, creative suggestions for what to do with salad greens besides, well, salad?