Arugula Pesto

I answered my own question: what to do with more greens than I can eat and give away? Make arugula pesto!I more or less followed my own traditional pesto recipe, substituting pecans for pine nuts and using just enough oil to get to a spreadable consistency. Unlike basil, arugula does not turn brown when cut edges are exposed to air, so this spread stays vibrant green indefinitely.I used many of the leaves that had grown too large and strong for salad. This produced a peppery, pungently green-tasting, ever so slightly bitter spread that was equally delicious on home-made tagliatelle and on crackers with goat cheese. For a slightly sweeter and milder version, substitute Italian, or flat-leaf, parsley or basil for some of the arugula.I'm not sure whether an arugula plant would have a preference for the blender over the salad bowl or compost pile, but I certainly feel better about putting it to good use. It's hard to argue with something with such unexpected flavor that is so easy to make and store.