Visions of the Perfect Ice Cream Sandwich

How good do these look?Filling an entire glossy page in the oversize San Francisco Magazine (July, '06) and accompanied by a blurb about how the custardy, seasonal fruit ice creams are perfectly mated with fresh-baked cookies by a Chez Panisse alumna, we couldn't help drooling, or planning a pilgrimage.We fought through the East Bay's SF-bound weekend traffic to make our way to Ici, but instead of being rewarded with perfect ice cream sandwiches, we found only this sign:

Opening in early August.

Didn't anyone tell them that ice cream season is now?! Or that we were counting on sampling both July's berry flavors and August's stone fruits this year, as SF Magazine had casually implied we should? We were devastated. Now I may have no choice but to buy my own ice cream maker... Damn that glossy picture and Ici's quick-draw PR rep.That sign -- hopefully to be replaced with something more than just visions of the perfect ice cream sandwich -- is located at 2948 College Avenue in Berkeley, California.Photo from July's San Francisco Magazine, reprinted on their website.