Beef is Good!

I rarely eat steak -- with a recovering vegetarian wife, I just don't get the chance that often.  A business trip to Vegas provided an opporuntity that I jumped at two days ago.  After calling a few of the top steakhouses in Vegas, I finally found a table at Craftsteak

I'll leave the running commentary to others, and cut to the chase.  We had an interest in the Kobe steaks. BY FAR the best option was to get the tasting menu, and get the tasting menu we did. 4 people shared 5 apetizers, 4 cuts of beef, 3 sides, 5 deserts, 3 full glasses of impressive wine (and a patridge in a pear tree...)

I've had limited haute beef experience, but this was the BEST beef I've ever had.  Period.  The skirt was awesome, tenderloin kicked ass, and flat iron was unreal.  Juicy, tender, tasty, almost beyond what I would normally think of as beef.  Unfortunatly, the rib cut was overcooked a bit, and just not up to par. 

The sides held up their end of the bargain: amazing corn, CREAMY mashed potatoes (almost like polenta in consistency), and asparagus.  I'm dreaming about the corn right now -- grilled and sauteed I believe, insanely sweet.

Wine: Caymus Conundrum, a Napa cab I hadn't heard of but wish I could remember, and a Moscato d'Asti that was divine.  (I'm a bad wine blogger.)

Bottom line: we had a great time and great food.  I would go again in a second.  If this is only a 25 on Zagat, get me to Prime!

P.s. - Please excuse the title, it's a little joke between Olivia and me.  Until two days ago, I had only had "Kobe" beef once before, during our first meal at The French Laundry.  On that occasion, a mixture of too much wine and food contributed to my being unable to eat my whole meal, and Olivia (only one meat-eating exerpience in at that point) gallantly jumping in and finishing off my beef.  One bite in, she wrote in her notes "Beef is Good!" and underlined it three times.

CraftsteakAt the MGM Grand, Las Vegas, Nevada702.891.7318

Explanation of ratings

Attire: You can get away with jeans at the low end. Nicer is better. This is Vegas, after all. But a few drinks in, you won't care.