I've been weighed down recently by guilt. A lot of it. I feel guilty about failing to find enough time to post here about goings-on. I feel guilty that Indy is so sweet and happy, even though he is desperate for more exercise today. I feel guilty about all the things that don't get done at work every day, even with the already-long hours that compound my guilt in every other area. The list goes on... With all this guilt (I even feel guilty about my present inability to come up with a good-sounding synonym for guilt), I was going to end with a joke involving rosaries, Hail Mary's, and the odds of turning Catholic, but I realize now that I'm exhausted and not so confident that any attempts at religious humor would actually come across as more funny than offensive.Instead, here's something constructive: Coming soon on All In: Cool stuff to do in Montreal, or at least more about Brunoise than "yum!" -- that much I'll give you now; stories from a chocolate and tea tasting press event I had the privileges of attending tonight at Charles Chocolates.Fun for Indy: We just played some soccer with an abandoned basketball at the school; I had no idea he could dribble!Work: Writing this doesn't help and I'm going back in a moment to the presentation I need to finish preparing for tomorrow, but I am resigned to the fact that this area won't improve until I stop caring or we get more people.Here's hoping Oren swoops in to rescue All In with an exciting dispatch from Japan.