Brunch at Canteen

We are always in search of good brunch places without crazy lines and impossible parking. (Absinthe remains our stand-by -- you'll understand why if you've tried their ricotta-stuffed French toast.) We just discovered that Canteen, the much buzzed about dinner spot (Food & Wine, The San Francisco Chronicle...) long on our must-try list, pocket of a restaurant, serves breakfast throughout the week and brunch on the weekends. With only 20 seats between the bar and handful of tables, the wait was surprisingly short, at least by San Francisco standards: when we called at 10:30 and still when we showed up at 11:30, it was about 20 minutes for 2 and half an hour for a group of 3. The time passes quickly in the bright, spacious seating in the lobby of the Commodore Hotel (where Canteen is located) and the abundance of nearby shopping. However, they don't appear to take down cell phone numbers -- they're busy enough already.All of the food was very good: French Toast with sweet cream cheese and blueberries, the Hash ("since 2004"), and Chupacabra (a soft scramble with black beans, salsa, and chorizo). There were many more dishes I would have been happy to sample and we will definitely be back. I'm already anticipating a rating update once we've tried dinner there.Canteen825 Sutter St., San Francisco 415.928.8870

Explanation of ratings

Attire: At brunch, anything seems to go. I was in slacks, the woman next to me was in warmups.