Fried! Turkey!

O and I were dining at one of our favorite local joints recently (Iberia tapas bar) where a TV was on over the bar.  Much to Olivia's annoyment sometimes, I think I'm a normal male: when the TV is on, that's where my attention is.  The sound was off, but some cook was going through all the steps on how to fry a turkey.  It looked cool.

I've heard over the years about fried turkey, from TV (so sue me, the gilmore girls used to be good) to news reports.  But I've never experienced it... till now.

I'll leave this as a photo essay:

Get oil to 350:

Lower in turkey:

Cook turkey cook! (3 min per lb, though we wound up doing 5):

Remove turkey:


Careful of the turkey bodied boy:

And eat:

Bottom line: it was TASTY. Damn tasty. Up there as possibly the best turkey I've ever had. Good enough to wonder what else to fry immediately.