Not All That Mythic

After being on our list of places to try for more than a year, through all the opening hype, and then the relative silence, we finally made it to Myth with Chuck and Nick for dinner earlier this month. A brief recap.We got a wine on the sommelier's recommendation that was far from the classic Burgundy we had hoped for--for one thing, it completely disappeared by the mid-palate, with no finish at all--but it didn't have any faults, per se. The somelier seemed surprised when we asked him to try it and give us his thoughts about how it represented the region. Oh well. We ordered a lot of food, since we wanted to try a wide variety of dishes. The tasting portions are a nice concept that way, but are still larger than I would have liked, with some closer to what I generally hope for in a full-sized entrée (not that I'm holding my breath for that with the portion growth in most American dining). We got the few dishes that our waiter called out, as well as the foie gras cream pasta we'd read raves about, plus others that struch our fancy. The pasta was tasty, but nothing to write home about. I actually thought my half portion of patty pan squash risotto with rich, meaty jus was far better. By the time we hit our "main courses," even passing plates around, both the scallops and the miso black cod were rich enough that we didn't finish either. Chuck was disappointed with the texture of his Kobe beef burger, but oh those fries! Overall, our meal was very decent, with some memorable highlights and a few disappointments. The service was pleasant, though the pacing of the meal was faster than we would have liked. Coincidentally, two other friends also visited Myth for the first time within weeks of our dinner. The consensus among us is that the food is good, but far from mythic. We're not rushing out to make another reservation, but I can see trying it again at some point in the future.Myth470 Pacific Avenue, San Francisco, CA415.677.8986Reservations on

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Attire: Modern chic, not too dressy. A sports coat wouldn't look out of place. I wouldn't wear jeans there. Go with cool slacks or a dress with a modern, not trying too hard look.