Calling on the Lazy Web: London Tips

I landed in London today. I'm here for work for a week. It has been several years since I last visited (briefly), and I did less planning and research than usual. My super sweet husband made me a a trip plan with interesting activities and loaned me his new Blackjack with Zagat, Maps, and Metro info and I bought a decent guide book in the airport. But even with lots of internet research added in, I'm still feeling low on personal insights. This is where the Lazy Web and you, my fellow foodies and world travlers, come in: If you have any personal favorites, tips, or tricks for London, please post them here! I'm staying in Covent Garden (where our office is) but have feet and will walk/tube/whatever, when I'm not overly discouraged by the cold, wind, and rain. (And don't worry Chuck, a trip to Paul A. Young Fine Chocolates is already on my list.) You can also leave your only-in-London requests and I will do my best to bring back your heart's desire.