Star Chefs Dish on their San Francisco Favorites

Check out video interviews with top Bay Area chefs and food writers talking about their favorite San Francisco dining spots. I felt some validation watching Thomas Keller, one of my food idols, coo over my personal SF favorite, Quince. And, I had never though of trying Campton Place for brunch! As a side note: I actually found this site through a banner ad served by DoubleClick on Tastyr San Francisco Restaurant Reviews, a site I landed on from a comment about recommendations on a TechCrunch post. This is the first time I can remember clicking on a banner ad in ages. It's not that I don't like ads -- I actually really appreciate the goods ones, they are just few and far between. American Express has done a pretty decent job with their My Card, My Life campaign, though I'm not sure how much the print ads or this Local Dish site contribute to my use of my Amex card. What this find does demonstrate is the value of real content in advertising and of matching little sites like Tastyr with truly relevant ads.