Hey, it's called All In!

So no, this blog isn't about Poker, despite what the spammers seem to want me to believe. All In means we're scattered, and want to be able to post about anything. So let me introduce you to a new category, and warn you that I'll probably post more about it: running.Since I started at Sun, I've been so busy I haven't had time to work out. Although being a sloth can be fun... it wasn't helping the stress of my body at all. My sister had started running, and told me about the cool Nike+ thing. Since I'm a gadget whore, I saw it as an excuse to go be a good consumer, buy some toys, and maybe even work out.As you can see from the nice little widget over there on the right, I'm running! Working on getting my 5K time < 30 min (pathetic, I know), and surprise, surprise, I'm actually enjoying it. As is the Indy dog of course. Now, being, well, me, I've of course bought a bunch of stuff. All sorts of fancy socks, a HRM, shoes, the Nike+, some in-soles, clothing. And I figure, since you people are reading this already, you may even want to hear my thoughts on this crap. So, I'm going to start writing about the running, and the toys in some future blog posts.In the meantime, I've got a nice short 2 mile run for tomorrow morning as per the totally awesome Nike Running training tool. I'll write a review of that too shortly. :)