Yellow Pear Tomatoes


My mother warned me when I told her about the tomatoes I had planted this year that yellow pears were lousy. I had already put my plants in the ground, didn't think about the opportunity costs for the space, and didn't really believe they could be that bad -- I usually love cherry tomatoes! My mother was right; no surprise. One of the farmers at the California Ave. market put it best when I asked her honest opinion on them: "they're just filler." She was right too. They are amazingly prolific plants, and they are pretty, but their raw flavor is bland and dull.Fortunately, they do improve with cooking: so far we've made them into a lovely tomato soup and roasted them with curried cauliflower. Next up: pasta sauce.As for next year: I'll be using the yellow pear's spot for a more interesting varietal. Stay tuned for the judgements from this summer's many tastings.