Notes on flying inside of argentina

We're off to Argentina in November for vacation. 5 nights in BA, 4 nights in Mendoza. Since a 13 hour bus trip doesn't appeal, we're flying between them. Turns out, it's not straightforward booking a flight inside of Argentina, so here are my notes on the process, in the hopes of helping someone else out.First some notes and background you should be aware of:

  • Aerolineas is the only airline I can find.
  • Aerolineas does not let you book online.
  • They do let you reserve online.

So the process seems to be this:

  1. Visit Aerolineas site and reserve a ticket, select your flight time, choose your seats, etc.
  2. Get your reservation number (email or confirmation page) and call them up - 800-333-0276 in the US
  3. Listen to the nice lady tell you to visit the web site for lower fares, and ask you to push 1 a bunch of times.
  4. Pay with your credit card over the phone. They don't give you a confirmation code of any kind - your reservation number is now your ticket number.
  5. Fly away, enjoy yourself!

In case you were wondering, standard coach fare for us at time of writing (October 2007) is $250/roundtrip.