Review: AMOD AGL3080 - Wavering

UPDATEIt's 1.5 years later, and this device is apparently one of the best.  Sounds like they fixed the drunken sailor behaviour.  I'm planning on going for a month long trip, and being able to use AAA is a big plus when in the middle of no-where.  So from a stay away, I'm now seriously considering this guy.

 I've been looking for the perfect device for geotagging, and I can definitively say I've found one that ISN'T it. At first glance, the AMOD AGL3080 sounded like the perfect device:
  • SiRF III chipset for best sensitivity and low speed tracking
  • Standard USB 2.0 interface which doubles as an USB Flash Disk
  • Works with Windows, Mac, and Linux based computers
  • Long operating time - 15 hours with 3 x AAA batteries
  • Large data capacity - stores over 256,000 data records

Too bad it doesn't work well at all. Takes forever to get a lock, once it has a lock at walking speeds it's worse than a drunken sailor on $2 rum, it's huge and heavy. I can't say anything good for this thing at all - just stay away.  On this map, I walked around the light white path through the green all around - you can see how poorly it tracked.I'm going to get a Wintec WBT-201 instead. It's not SiRF III, but I know it works.  Semsons has been super cool, and a great vendor.  Definitely a good place to buy your GPS toys from.UPDATE: Some comments have come up that I should review it again now that they've fixed the problems.  While I'd be happy to do so should someone send one my way, the form factor would still be a killer for me.  It's just plain big compared with the WBT-201, and that's the most important criteria for me, more important than accuracy.