Spotlight, now with usefulness added in too!

Upgraded to Leopard last night.  (BTW, drove by the Palo Alto Apple store on the way home, where there was a ~100 person line @ 6 waiting for the store to reopen.  For an OS.  Apple, please rub some juju on me too).  As you can imagine, there are thousands of people pontificating all over the web.  I haven't seen anyone cover the one change that means the world to me:  Spotlight and mail.

Previously, searching for mail was tedious.  My standard M.O. involves remembering that Steve sent me an email with a presentation in it, but not really remembering anything else.  It used to be, I created a "smart folder" for email from steve, then searched that folder for emails to me or that contained a presentation.  Not exactly useful.Now, just type: "from:steve to:oren odp" (yeah, I use neooffice/staroffice) and I've got my results.  This is the way google desktop, MSN desktop, and even ancient Lookout search all worked.  It's been the ONE thing I've really missed in my switch to a mac, and now it's here!  I'm such a loser - but this made the $120 upgrade totally worth it.  Doesn't hurt that spotlight is now blazing fast too.