Brief BA update

In Buenos Aires.  Raining today, which puts a damper on things.  Some brief notes:

  • Surpringingly casual so far.  Most people are wearing jeans and flip-flops, polo shirt.  Even at night, people seem pretty casual for a big city. 
  • Yeah, there's a lot of beef.  Went to La Brigada for dinner.  Fun note - they definitly play favorites with seating.  We waited ~25 min for a table.  Some people who came after us got seated before, some people who came before us got seated after.  Super duper casual place (jeans & t-shirt for most people).  Good food.  Good wine.  nothing mind blowing.
  • We're gonna run out of things to do here before 5 days are up.  Probably wind up taking a trip out of town for a day or something.  Debating heading an hour out of town to watch a polo match
  • Park Tower hotel is nice.  Location is central to the city, but far from anything really cool.
  • No point in taking the subway.  Taxi's are CHEAP.  15 min taxi ride is ~ $3 US. 
  • I'm bummed I didn't find Dan Perlman's site sooner.  Casa Salt Shaker sounds cool, but sold out while we're here.

More to come later.  In the meantime, my initial impression of BA is a bit mixed.  I don't know exactly what I was expecting, but I'm a bit disappointed all the same.  Still having a great time though!