Buenos Aires report

Part of why I like traveling so much is the perspective you gain on yourself. 5 days in Buenos Aires, 4 nights in Mendoza were fantastic overall, with high points, low points, and some interesting perspective. This post is for BA, more to follow on Mendoza and wine!First off, for personal travel cities aren't O and my first choice. Second, if you're going primarily becuase " X is the Y version of Z" (BA is the Paris of Latin America), chances are I'd prefer to just go to Y.

In this case, Buenos Aires is a fun and beautiful town. We really enjoyed walking around, hanging out at the cafe's, seeing some shops, but weren't blown away. Various thoughts include:

  • The walking tours from MPtours are FANTASTIC. These unequivocally were one of the highlights of the trip. We bought all three, put them on two ipods, and walked around together. They are expertly done, perfectly timed, informative, and just plain fun. 1:30 or maybe 2:00 each. Don't think about it, pay the $45 and just get them. I really hope they do more cities.
  • Just take a taxi. It's cheap. Getting cross town is < $15 US. We took the subway a few times. It's clean, but hot. Just wasn't any point really.
  • La Boca is as turisty as everyone says. Good for photos, good for 20 min, then keep going.
  • La Cabrera was the best we ate. Really the only must go place we went to.
  • Went to a fancy Tango show. The dancing was good and showy. The food and wine was really really really bad. We did the VIP package. Food looked the same, the wine was possibly better, but the real difference was you get a private transport to/from, and you get some elbow room. Lots more elbow room. The standard seats are packed like sardines, the VIP gives you plenty of space. It was worth it for us, but we're antisocial. :)
  • Food was good, not great. Look for follow up posts.

BA is clearly a place to go if you like late night partying. Which we don't really, we're old. People do eat late - 9:30 or 10:00. Good for staying out till breakfast.Overall, I'm very glad we went, though 5 night was too long for us. 3 would have been perfect. I'm also very happy with the way that the photos turned out.