Mac Software Bundle

Yes, it appears to be a bad deal for the developer. It's a great deal for the user though.The MacHeist software bundle takes 14 apps and sells them for 90% off - $49 total. And that's a real discount - not some ginzu knife discount. I personally had purchased 1passwd in the past for the indicated price. I've already received my money's worth - Snapz Pro X is a great way to do screencasts, and costs $69 alone.Ensuring they are buzzword compliant, they also have a viral marketing aspect - refer people to receive additional software. Clearly they're roped me in to it. Finally, it's marketing genius that they give 25% of the order to charity - help you assuge your guilt somehow? Turn buying into a community action? Either way, it's really worth checking out, and taking advantage of. The deal ends Wednesday.Referral link - MacHeist Direct link - MacHeist