Our Travel Wiki

Being the great geek product managers that we both are, the first thing Olivia did when starting our planning was setting up a wiki.  We've collected all the information we could find on locations, lodging, fun items and more for most of south east asia on there, including many places we just won't have a chance to make it to this time.So far, it's been a lifesaver for coordination.  As we hand off the planning back and forth, having a single place where all the flight options, hotels, cities are in once place has helped cut down on the duplication quite a bit.  For flight planning alone, I can't imagine what we would have done without the wiki.  It turns out there's no one good sight (like expedia or kayak) that includes all the travel options in the region.  We've been collecting flight times on tens, if not hundreds of flights into and out of the different airports.  Including such gems as it seems possible to go from Siem Reap TO Hanoi, but not the other way!?Since so much of this is great for more than just ourselves, we've opened it up to the public.  If you've got any interest, go ahead and check it out!