A sight I???m going to get VERY used to



After more planning that I care to admit, our trip is off.  And it’s hurry up and wait.  Upon arrival here at SFO, the very nice check in lady informed us that due to strong head winds, we need to make a “technical” stop in Korea, to get gas.  This is adding 2 hours 30 minutes to the arrival time, getting us in to HKG exactly 5 minutes before our connection to BKK.  I don’t think we’re going to make it.  The next flight to BKK is 5 hours later.

So, chalk up another 5 hours in lounges, this time in HKG.   One of the unfortunate side-effects of this trip is that there are very few direct flights for us; we’re going to be spending way more time in airports that I would like.  As a guestimate, we’re going to rack up 15 hours in airports this trip.  That was 10 an hour ago, so we’ll see what the final tally is.

As an aside, I’ve already spent well over 24 hours in the Hong Kong airport, without yet making it into town.  When I was travelling frequently for Sun, I somehow managed to get flight after flight through there, buit never a meeting in Hong Kong itself.  At least we’re stopping in Hong Kong on the way home!  Only 24 hours total, but I’ll hopefully get to see a little bit of it.

Wish us luck!  At the very least, as long as there is wifi in the airports, count on lots of updates!