Exporting from Aperture 3 with metadata

Aperture 3 introuced places and faces.  Both are pretty great features, but the export workflow around them isn't ideal.  The information isn't actually stored anywhere logical like IPTC metadata, so depending on how you export the images, you'll get different sets of data.


I upload images both to flickr (general photo sharing) and smugmug (more portfolio work).  Let's look at each:FlickrThere are 3 ways to export images to Flickr from Aperture 3.

  1. Export the image as a jpeg, and upload to flickr yourself.
  2. Use the built in flickr sync feature
  3. Use a 3rd party plugin like FlickrExport

*UPDATE* - Turns out FlickrExport has a bug in the free version that doesn't include the names.  The paid version works great. UPDATE 2: Communication confusion - flickrexport DOES NOT support faces at this point.If you want BOTH faces AND places, only #1 will work.  The export will convert faces to nice keywords, and embed the GPS information.  Here's the example.Using the flickr sync gives you nothing.  See for yourself.Finally, using the FlickrExport plugin gets you halfway there.  You get the GPS coordinates, but not faces.  According to the developer, there is no API in Aperture to get the face information, so he's stuck until apple makes it available. UPDATE - if you're using an export profile with metadata, the names will be included in the paid version.SmugMugThere's only two options with Smugmug - #1 & #3 above.  In this case I'm using the ApertureToSmugMug plugin .No surprise, but method #1 gives you both the face name as keyword and the location. LinkSurprise for method #3 though; it works perfectly!  Both GPS and the face name are exported correctly.  I used a different picture so you could compare easier.