Syncing photos to iPhone/iPad is lacking

I'm finally fully switched from Lightroom 2 to Aperture 3.  Overall, I'm ecstatic with Aperture 3.  It's UI makes more sense to me, the organization capabilities are great, the non-modal UI flows better, and the quality of pictures is great.Syncing photos from Lightroom to my iPhone (and soon iPad!) was always painful - the best option was to export stuff in a pick-and-choose fasion to a directory, and point iTunes at that directory.  Aperture adds a nice iTunes sync integration, though it's woefully lacking.  Before iTunes 9.1 came out, the only option was to select from indiviual albums, without even any hiearchy.  In 9.1, they've added some more selection criteria, but it's still not quite what I'm looking for.  You now get to see your hiearchy you've created, plus have the ability to select faces specifically.


As most do, a typical day of shooting involves taking a good set of photos, and then picking only the best via star ratings.  I have a few hundred albums of each of my shoots, and in each album there's maybe 100-500 photos, with 5 that I consider good enough to look at regularly.  Ideally, I'd like to be able to tell Aperture to sync ALL albums, but only include PHOTOS that are 3 stars or more.Instead, I'm currently contemplating setting up a smart folder structure where after I'm done editing an album, I duplicate the album into the "export" structure, with the star filter, then only select those for export.  Tedious, especially for the few hundred I have in the past.Any other suggestions or ideas out there?